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Backing stores quiz, backing stores MCQs with answers, computer fundamentals quiz 140 for online computer science courses. College and university degree MCQs on storage devices and media quiz questions and answers, backing stores multiple choice questions to practice computer test with answers. Learn backing stores MCQs, career aptitude test on bar codes, tags and magnetic stripes, real time processing, file system and file usage, backing stores test prep for IT certifications.

Practice backing stores career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): standard magnetic tapes and cassettes tape are examples of, to learn computer science degree with options volatile access storage, non impact access storage, direct access storage, serial access storage for IT jobs. Learn storage devices and media questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test for entry level certifications.

Quiz on Backing Stores Worksheet 140Quiz Book Download

Backing Stores Quiz

MCQ: Standard magnetic tapes and cassettes tape are examples of

  1. volatile access storage
  2. non impact access storage
  3. direct access storage
  4. serial access storage


File System and File Usage Quiz

MCQ: Type of field in which record are reserved set number of characters is classified as

  1. variable length
  2. fixed length
  3. stable length
  4. file length


Real Time Processing Quiz

MCQ: Network between computers and terminal is considered as requirement of

  1. set of software
  2. process steps
  3. hardware requirement
  4. communication network


Bar codes, Tags and Magnetic Stripes Quiz

MCQ: Product or good with magnetic code must identify

  1. country of origin
  2. manufacturer name
  3. item number for product
  4. all of above


Peripheral Devices Quiz

MCQ: Devices used to read to and write from central processing unit are classified as

  1. analogue circuit devices
  2. AND gate devices
  3. OR gate devices
  4. backing storage devices