Data Types & Structures Quiz Questions and Answers 151 PDF Online Download

Practice data types and structures quiz, data types and structures MCQs with answers, computer fundamentals test prep 151 for basic computer learning for IT certifications online. Programming languages and style quiz questions and answers, data types and structures Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) to practice computer test with answers for online college classes. Free data types and structures MCQs, multi access system, program design and implementation, two states and characters, data types and structures test prep for 2 year computer science degree.

Learn data types and structures MCQ with multiple choice questions: whole numbers from '0' and all negative numbers are classified as, with choices integers, prime numbers, composite numbers, and real numbers to learn online certificate courses. Learn programming languages and style questions and answers to improve problem solving skills for computer and information science.

Quiz on Data Types & Structures MCQs with Answers 151 PDF Online Download

Data Types and Structures Quiz

MCQ: Whole numbers from '0' and all negative numbers are classified as

  1. integers
  2. prime numbers
  3. composite numbers
  4. real numbers


Two States and Characters Quiz

MCQ: 1 kilobyte consists of

  1. 768 bytes
  2. 724 bytes
  3. 1024 bytes
  4. 1078 bytes


Program Design and Implementation Quiz

MCQ: Process of dividing program parts into more detailed part is classified as

  1. step-wise refinement
  2. top-down refinement
  3. binary refinement
  4. split refinement


Multi Access System Quiz

MCQ: Response time is classified as time between

  1. return key and reply
  2. turn key and reply
  3. numeric computing
  4. alphabetic computing


Multi Access Network Quiz

MCQ: Local area network stations are mostly

  1. microcomputers
  2. mainframe computers
  3. controlled computers
  4. responding computers