Computer Programmer Quiz Questions and Answers 110 PDF Book Download

Computer programmer quiz, computer programmer MCQs with answers, computer fundamentals quiz 110 for online computer science courses. College and university degree MCQs, jobs in computing quiz questions and answers, computer programmer multiple choice questions to practice computer test with answers. Learn computer programmer MCQs, career aptitude test on input output, batch process in computers, subroutines, procedures and functions, computer programmer test prep for professional certification.

Practice computer programmer career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): person who is responsible for data preparation area supervision is called, for computer science degree programs with options data preparation supervisor, terminal supervisor, punching supervisor, peripheral supervisor for software engineering careers. Learn jobs in computing questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test for best computer certifications.

Quiz on Computer Programmer Worksheet 110Quiz Book Download

Computer Programmer Quiz

MCQ: Person who is responsible for data preparation area supervision is called

  1. data preparation supervisor
  2. terminal supervisor
  3. punching supervisor
  4. peripheral supervisor


Subroutines, Procedures and Functions Quiz

MCQ: In COMAL language programs, procedures are defined between

  1. PROC and non-PROC statement
  2. EXEC and non-EXEC statement
  3. start and stop statement
  4. first two statements


Batch Process in Computers Quiz

MCQ: Each piece of work to be processed and treated as single batch is classified as

  1. job terminal
  2. job
  3. function job
  4. system job


Input Output Quiz

MCQ: Way data in a program is to be set is called its

  1. reference
  2. format
  3. class
  4. group


Basics of High Level Languages Quiz

MCQ: Programming language 'COBOL' stands for

  1. common business orientated language
  2. common business oriented learning
  3. classic business orientated language
  4. common binary orientation language