Program Errors MCQs & Quiz Online PDF eBook Download

Program errors multiple choice questions (MCQs), program errors quiz answers to learn online computer science degree programs. Input errors and program testing MCQs, program errors quiz questions and answers for online computer science engineering. Learn error detection and correction, integrity of input data, program errors test prep for CS major.

Learn input errors and program testing MCQ: error in a program is called, with choices bug, debug, virus, and noise for online computer science engineering. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning program errors quiz questions for competitive exams in computer science major for online college classes.

MCQs on Program Errors PDF eBook Download

MCQ: Error in a program is called

  1. bug
  2. debug
  3. virus
  4. noise


MCQ: Error which occurs when program tried to read from file without opening it is classified as

  1. execution error messages
  2. built in messages
  3. user-defined messages
  4. half messages


MCQ: In BASIC language statement "300 LET A = 2(X+3)", syntax error is

  1. subtraction sign missing
  2. asterisk sign missing
  3. GO function is missing
  4. NET function is missing


MCQ: In BASIC language statement (100 IF A$ = "*+") TEN 200, "*+" is classified as

  1. transcription error
  2. syntax error
  3. reliable error
  4. base errors


MCQ: Error which occurs when user tried to use a device which is not switched ON is classified as

  1. user-defined message
  2. half message
  3. execution error message
  4. built in message