Data Processing Manager MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Data processing manager MCQs, learn computer fundamentals online test prep for IT degree, online courses. Practice jobs in computing multiple choice questions (MCQs), data processing manager quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on computer programmer, data processing manager aptitude test for online learning computer basics courses distance learning.

Study jobs in computing aptitude test MCQs: person who analyze information system and have practical experience of computers is classified as, for free online computer science courses with choices system analyst , system modifier, system updater, system promoter for online software engineering degree preparation with online software engineering exam's trivia questions. Free skills assessment test is for online learning data processing manager quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers.

MCQs on Data Processing ManagerQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Person who analyze information system and have practical experience of computers is classified as

  1. system analyst
  2. system modifier
  3. system updater
  4. system promoter


MCQ: Analysis of present system, carrying out feasibility report and designing new system are duties of

  1. data manager
  2. processing manager
  3. systems analyst
  4. systems manager


MCQ: Responsibilities such as data preparation, hardware maintenance and control of data are considered as responsibility of

  1. terminal manager
  2. local manger
  3. specialized manager
  4. data processing manager


MCQ: Analyst with approved report helps in implementing

  1. new system
  2. new data
  3. new terminal
  4. new terminator


MCQ: In duties of system analyst, analysis of a system includes

  1. interviewing employees
  2. studying documentation
  3. preparing a report
  4. all of above