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Computer programmer MCQs, computer programmer quiz answers for online computer science courses. Learn jobs in computing multiple choice questions (MCQs), computer programmer quiz questions and answers. Career test on computer programmer test prep for best computer science certifications.

Learn jobs in computing practice test MCQs: programmer who writes system software is called, for computer science degree programs with options system programmer, analysis programmer, train programmer, design programmer for information systems careers. Free skills assessment test for online learning computer programmer quiz questions for competitive assessment in computer science major for best computer science certifications.

MCQ on Computer ProgrammerQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Programmer who writes system software is called

  1. system programmer
  2. analysis programmer
  3. train programmer
  4. design programmer


MCQ: Programmer who works with high level languages and have better understanding with applications are considered as

  1. design programmer
  2. application programmer
  3. analysis programmer
  4. train programmer


MCQ: People who accept tasks from computer users, processes it and then return user there complete tasks are considered as

  1. terminal control staff
  2. data control staff
  3. peripheral control staff
  4. librarian control staff


MCQ: Person who keeps disc and tape files up to date for computer installation is called

  1. file librarian
  2. punch librarian
  3. peripheral librarian
  4. terminal librarian


MCQ: Type of programmer who write programs for a specific user to carry out special instructions is classified as

  1. applications programmer
  2. analysis programmer
  3. train programmers
  4. design programmers