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World affairs multiple choice questions (MCQs), world affairs quiz answers for online colleges admission prep. Space and solar system MCQs, world affairs quiz questions and answers for online technical degrees. Learn solar and lunar eclipse, uranus facts, solar systems, equinoxes and solstices, world affairs test prep for online certificate programs.

Learn space and solar system test MCQs: independent physical properties of black holes includes, with choices mass, charge, angular momentum, and all of above for online technical degrees. Practice assessment test for scholarships, online learning world affairs quiz questions for competitive assessment of colleges and universities majors for online certificate courses. World Affairs Video

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MCQ: Independent physical properties of black holes includes

  1. mass
  2. charge
  3. angular momentum
  4. all of above


MCQ: In theory of general relativity, point at which gravitational pull become so strong which makes escape impossible is classified as

  1. absolute horizon
  2. event horizon
  3. red shift
  4. apparent horizon


MCQ: First solution of general theory of relativity was first published by

  1. Karl Schwarzschild
  2. John Michelle
  3. Simon Lapalace
  4. David FinkelStein


MCQ: Eclipse which occurs in day time is

  1. Star eclipse
  2. Ariel Eclipse
  3. Lunar eclipse
  4. Solar eclipse


MCQ: Lunar eclipse can only occur when moon is opposite to the

  1. Earth
  2. Sun
  3. Mars
  4. Venus