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Troposphere multiple choice questions (MCQs), troposphere quiz answers for online colleges test prep. Earths atmosphere MCQs with answers, troposphere quiz questions and answers for online technology degree. Learn layers of atmosphere, thermosphere, earth atmosphere, troposphere test prep for online certificate courses.

Learn earths atmosphere test MCQs: troposphere layer of atmosphere extends from earth to, with choices 18 km, 16 km, 15 km, and 12 km for online technology degree. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning troposphere quiz questions for competitive assessment of colleges and universities majors . Troposphere Video

MCQ on TroposphereQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Troposphere layer of atmosphere extends from Earth to

  1. 18 km
  2. 16 km
  3. 15 km
  4. 12 km


MCQ: Troposphere is bounded by boundary which is known as

  1. thermopause
  2. stratopause
  3. tropo-pause
  4. mesopause


MCQ: Layer of atmosphere which separates stratosphere and troposphere is known as

  1. tropo-pause
  2. mesopause
  3. thermopause
  4. stratopause


MCQ: Layer of atmosphere which is accessed by jet-powered aircraft is

  1. thermopause
  2. strata-pause
  3. tropo-pause
  4. mesopause


MCQ: Height of stratosphere layer above sea level of mesosphere is

  1. 65 to 55 km
  2. 70 to 55 km
  3. 50 to 55 km
  4. 60 to 55 km