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Human skeleton MCQs, human skeleton quiz answers, GK test 1 for online colleges admission prep. Human skeleton functions multiple choice questions (MCQs), human skeleton quiz questions and answers for admission and scholarships exams. Practice human skeleton functions, human skeleton division, blood cell production, bones disorders career test for science certifications.

Learn human skeleton test with multiple choice question: axial skeleton' in human being consists of, with choices 90 bones, 70 bones, 60 bones, and 80 bones for online technical degrees. Practice jobs' assessment test for online learning human skeleton functions quiz questions for colleges and universities majors for certificate programs. Human Skeleton Functions Video

MCQ on Human Skeleton Test 1Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Axial Skeleton' in human being consists of

  1. 70 bones
  2. 90 bones
  3. 60 bones
  4. 80 bones


MCQ: Major functions served by human skeleton are

  1. support and movement
  2. storage of ions
  3. production of blood cells
  4. all of above


MCQ: Sugar chondroitin sulfate is primarily made up of

  1. carbon and oxygen
  2. carbon and Sulphur
  3. oxygen and Sulphur
  4. carbon dioxide and oxygen


MCQ: All movement of human body is coordinated and controlled by

  1. axial system
  2. nervous system
  3. vertebral system
  4. skeletal muscles


MCQ: Arthritis and osteoporosis are classified as

  1. disorders of vertebrae
  2. disorders of nervous system
  3. disorders of bones
  4. disorders of cells