Sedimentary Rocks MCQs Test Online PDF Download

Sedimentary rocks multiple choice questions (MCQs), sedimentary rocks test prep to learn online education degree courses. Learn types of rocks multiple choice questions (MCQs), sedimentary rocks quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on metamorphic rocks, world history, igneous rocks test for online new tech inventions test.

Practice types of rocks aptitude test MCQs: color of sedimentary rocks are usually determined by, for free online certificate courses with options iron, nitrogen, bacteria, calcium carbonate for online general studies degree. Free skills assessment test is for online learning sedimentary rocks quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers. Sedimentary Rocks Video

MCQ on Sedimentary RocksQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Rocks that contain fossils are

  1. celandine rocks
  2. monzonite rocks
  3. sedimentary rocks
  4. dolerite rocks


MCQ: Color of sedimentary rocks are usually determined by

  1. iron
  2. nitrogen
  3. bacteria
  4. calcium carbonate


MCQ: Classification of sedimentary rocks on basis of its composition includes

  1. carbonate sedimentary rocks
  2. iron-rich sedimentary rocks
  3. organic-rich sedimentary rocks
  4. all of above


MCQ: Example of sedimentary rocks is

  1. basanite
  2. carbonite
  3. granite
  4. limestone


MCQ: Sedimentary rocks that are formed in arid climates are classified as

  1. fossil beds
  2. oxide beds
  3. red beds
  4. iron beds