Earths Crust Quiz Questions and Answers 6 PDF Book Download

Earths crust quiz questions, earths crust MCQs with answers, GK test prep 6 for online colleges test prep. Earth structure quiz questions and answers, earths crust multiple choice questions (MCQs) to practice general knowledge test with answers for online colleges and universities courses. Learn earths crust MCQs, atomic bomb, muscular system, integrated circuit, earths crust test prep for certificate programs.

Learn earths crust test with multiple choice question (MCQs): crust of earth which carries water area is classified as, with choices continental crust, oceanic crust, mineral crust, and metallic crust for online technical degrees. Learn earth structure questions and answers for problem-solving, merit scholarships assessment test for online certifications. Earths Crust Video

Quiz on Earths Crust Worksheet 6Quiz Book Download

Earths Crust Quiz

MCQ: Crust of Earth which carries water area is classified as

  1. continental crust
  2. oceanic crust
  3. mineral crust
  4. metallic crust


Integrated Circuit Quiz

MCQ: Integrated circuit was created by two engineers working separately in

  1. 1938 - 1939
  2. 1928 - 1932
  3. 1958 - 1959
  4. 1948 1949


Muscular System Quiz

MCQ: Synapse' is also known as

  1. tendons junction
  2. cartilage junction
  3. ligament junction
  4. neuromuscular junction


Atomic Bomb Quiz

MCQ: Atomic bomb was first successfully developed by

  1. United States
  2. Russia
  3. China
  4. Germany


World Food Programme Quiz

MCQ: Official partners of World Food Programme are

  1. AAD
  2. USAID
  3. ACP
  4. ASEAN