Electricity Invention Quiz Questions and Answers 248 PDF Download

Learn electricity invention quiz, online general knowledge test 248 for distance learning, online courses. Free GK MCQs questions and answers to learn electricity invention MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on electricity invention with answers, adhesive bandage, mars facts, cathode ray tube, earths crust, electricity invention test for online GK amazing facts test.

Free electricity invention online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: michael faraday invented electric motor in with choices 1891, 1851, 1841 and 1821 with problems solving answer key to test study skills for online e-learning, formative assessment and jobs' interview preparation tips, study technology inventions MCQs Test based quiz question and answers. Electricity Invention Video

Quiz on Electricity Invention Worksheet 248 Quiz PDF Download

Electricity Invention Quiz

MCQ. Michael Faraday invented electric motor in

  1. 1891
  2. 1851
  3. 1841
  4. 1821


Earths Crust Quiz

MCQ. Thickness of crust of Earth is

  1. 0-500 km
  2. 0-400 km
  3. 0-60 km
  4. 0-250 km


Cathode Ray Tube Quiz

MCQ. Earliest version of Cathode Ray Tube was invented in

  1. 1859
  2. 1839
  3. 1844
  4. 1897


Mars Facts Quiz

MCQ. Equatorial diameter of planet next to Earth is

  1. 8805
  2. 5,805 km
  3. 6,805 km
  4. 7,805 km


Adhesive Bandage Quiz

MCQ. Adhesive bandage which is popularly known as Band Aid was invented by

  1. William
  2. George Fritts
  3. Malcolm Loughead
  4. Earle Dickson