Subcellular Components Quiz Questions and Answers 190 PDF Book Download

Subcellular components quiz, subcellular components MCQs with answers, GK quiz 190 for online college courses. College and university degree MCQs on life on earth quiz questions and answers, subcellular components multiple choice questions to practice general knowledge test with answers. Learn subcellular components MCQs, career aptitude test on mesosphere, otto hahn, albert einstein, subcellular components test prep for online competitive exams test.

Practice subcellular components career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): sub cellular component which maintain and organize shape of cell is known as, to learn college degree with options cytoskeleton, genetic material, lysosomes, golgi apparatus for online general studies degree. Learn life on earth questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test. Subcellular Components Video

Quiz on Subcellular Components Worksheet 190Quiz Book Download

Subcellular Components Quiz

MCQ: Sub cellular component which maintain and organize shape of cell is known as

  1. cytoskeleton
  2. genetic material
  3. lysosomes
  4. Golgi apparatus


Albert Einstein Quiz

MCQ: Albert Einstein was born in

  1. 1879
  2. 1885
  3. 1887
  4. 1875


Otto Hahn Quiz

MCQ: In subsequent years after discovery, mesothorium is also known as

  1. radium-226
  2. radium-232
  3. radium-230
  4. radium-228


Mesosphere Quiz

MCQ: Layer of Earth's atmosphere which is used by International Space Station is known as

  1. stratosphere
  2. thermosphere
  3. troposphere
  4. hydrosphere


Eukaryotic Organelles Quiz

MCQ: In eukaryotes, worn-out or excess organelles, bacteria or viruses and food particles are digested by

  1. lysosomes
  2. peroxisomes
  3. centrosome
  4. microtubules