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Pulmonary circulation MCQs, pulmonary circulation quiz answers for online colleges admission prep. Circulatory system multiple choice questions (MCQs), pulmonary circulation quiz questions and answers for online education degree. Heart, cardiovascular circulatory system, human circulatory system, pulmonary circulation test prep for science certifications.

Learn circulatory system test MCQs: depletion of blood from heart in 'cardiovascular system' is classified as, with choices circulatory system of arteries, circulatory system of lungs, circulatory system of blood, and circulatory system of lymph for online education degree. Practice assessment test for scholarships, online learning pulmonary circulation quiz questions for competitive assessment of colleges and universities majors for teacher certification. Pulmonary Circulation Video

MCQ on Pulmonary CirculationQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Depletion of blood from heart in 'Cardiovascular System' is classified as

  1. circulatory system of arteries
  2. circulatory system of lungs
  3. circulatory system of blood
  4. circulatory system of lymph


MCQ: Blood returns after nourishing muscle through

  1. atria veins
  2. bronchial veins
  3. coronary veins
  4. lymphatic veins