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Learn opec MCQs, general knowledge test for online learning courses, test prep to practice test. International organizations quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), opec quiz questions and answers, world current affairs, world food programme, united nations environment programme, opec test for online basic general knowledge test.

General knowledge practice test MCQ: organization of petroleum exporting countries was established in with choices austria, iraq, abu dhabi and saudi arabia problem solving skills for summative and formative assessment, competitive exam prep, interview questions with answer key. Free study guide is for online learning opec quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers. OPEC Video

MCQs on OPEC Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries was established in

  1. Austria
  2. Iraq
  3. Abu Dhabi
  4. Saudi Arabia


MCQ: Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries was formed in

  1. 1962
  2. 1968
  3. 1960
  4. 1965


MCQ: Headquarter of Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries is located in

  1. Austria
  2. Italy
  3. Abu Dhabi
  4. Saudi Arabia


MCQ: International organization which coordinates and unify petroleum policies is

  1. United Nations Economic Commission
  2. United Nations Industrial Commission
  3. SAARC
  4. OPEC


MCQ: Official currency used for indexing in Organization of Petroleum Exporting countries is

  1. US Dollars
  2. Australian Dollars
  3. Saudi Riyal
  4. Euro