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North atlantic treaty organization multiple choice questions (MCQs), north atlantic treaty organization quiz answers for online colleges admission prep. International organizations MCQs, north atlantic treaty organization quiz questions and answers for online college degrees. Learn the united nations, world food programme, international tribunal for law of sea, united nations security council, international maritime organization, north atlantic treaty organization test prep for online certificate courses.

Learn international organizations test MCQs: name of first 'nato' secretary general was, with choices harold macmillan, halvard lange, eisenhower, and lord ismay for online college degrees. Practice merit scholarships assessment test, online learning north atlantic treaty organization quiz questions for competitive assessment of colleges and universities majors for online certificate programs. North Atlantic Treaty Organization Video

MCQ on North Atlantic Treaty OrganizationQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Name of first 'NATO' secretary general was

  1. Harold Macmillan
  2. Halvard Lange
  3. Eisenhower
  4. Lord Ismay


MCQ: NATO' stands for

  1. North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  2. North Arctic Treaty Organization
  3. North Asian Treaty Organization
  4. North Antarctica Treaty Organization


MCQ: North Atlantic Alliance is another name of

  1. WHO
  2. NATO
  3. SAARC
  4. WTO


MCQ: NATO' was found back in

  1. 4 April, 1949
  2. 4 April, 1959
  3. 5 May, 1949
  4. 12 April, 1949