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Layers of earth multiple choice questions (MCQs), layers of earth quiz answers for online colleges admission prep. Earth structure MCQs, layers of earth quiz questions and answers for online science degrees. Learn layers of earth test prep for online certificate courses.

Learn earth structure test MCQs: plates' move towards each other in, with choices compression boundary, conservative boundary, tensional boundary, and divergent boundary for online science degrees. Practice assessment test for scholarships, online learning layers of earth quiz questions for competitive assessment of colleges and universities majors for science certifications. Layers of Earth Video

MCQ on Layers of EarthQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Plates' move towards each other in

  1. compression boundary
  2. conservative boundary
  3. tensional boundary
  4. divergent boundary


MCQ: Point where two plates meet each other is classified as

  1. plate tectonics
  2. plate boundary
  3. plate convection
  4. plate contraction


MCQ: Inner and outer core of Earth structure is enrich in

  1. copper and gold
  2. gold and platinum
  3. nickel and gold
  4. copper and nickel


MCQ: Alps Mountains and Himalayas are classic example of process of

  1. plate owning
  2. plate tectonics
  3. plate convection
  4. folding


MCQ: First layer of Earth on which we live is known as

  1. The Outer Core
  2. The Inner Core
  3. The Mantle
  4. The crust