International Monetary Fund MCQs Test Online PDF Download

International monetary fund multiple choice questions (MCQs), international monetary fund test prep for online learning with education degree certificate eCourses. Learn international organizations multiple choice questions (MCQs), international monetary fund quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on world current affairs, world food programme, united nations environment programme, international telecommunication union test for online GK questions test.

Practice international organizations aptitude test MCQs: international monetary fund is classified as, for free online courses with options intergovernmental organization, international organization, interregional organization, one state organization for online college education degree. Free skills assessment test is for online e-learning international monetary fund quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers. International Monetary Fund Video

MCQ on International Monetary FundQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Major functions of 'IMF' are

  1. Oversea's arrangements of fixed exchange rate
  2. providing short term capital
  3. providing leadership on health matters
  4. both a and b


MCQ: International Monetary Fund is classified as

  1. intergovernmental organization
  2. international organization
  3. interregional organization
  4. One state organization


MCQ: International Monetary Fund formal existence came into being in

  1. 12 May, 1945
  2. 27 July, 1945
  3. 27 December, 1945
  4. 27 September, 1945


MCQ: International body 'IMF' is abbreviation of

  1. Intra country Momentary Funds
  2. Inter-regions Money Funds
  3. Intergovernmental Manager of Funds
  4. International Monetary Fund


MCQ: International Monetary Fund is headquartered in

  1. Washington, United States
  2. New York City, United States
  3. Geneva, Switzerland
  4. Avenue Du Mont Blanc, Switzerland