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Atlantic ocean facts MCQs, atlantic ocean facts quiz answers for online colleges admission prep. Oceans of world multiple choice questions (MCQs), atlantic ocean facts quiz questions and answers for online science degrees. Arctic ocean, pacific ocean facts, southern ocean, atlantic ocean facts test prep for certificate programs.

Learn oceans of world test MCQs: north side of 'atlantic ocean' is connected to, with choices arctic ocean, pacific ocean, mexican canal, and panama canal for online science degrees. Practice assessment test for scholarships, online learning atlantic ocean facts quiz questions for competitive assessment of colleges and universities majors for certificate programs. Atlantic Ocean Facts Video

MCQ on Atlantic Ocean FactsQuiz Book Download

MCQ: North side of 'Atlantic Ocean' is connected to

  1. Arctic Ocean
  2. Pacific Ocean
  3. Mexican canal
  4. Panama canal


MCQ: Florentine Explorer' discovered United States of America in

  1. 1522
  2. 1528
  3. 1524
  4. 1526


MCQ: North Atlantic was first crossed in airship by

  1. British
  2. Americans
  3. European
  4. Roman


MCQ: Larger basins of 'South Atlantic Ocean' includes

  1. Cape Verde basins
  2. Angola basins
  3. Guiana basins
  4. Canaries basins


MCQ: Area between Africa and South America is known as

  1. Central Atlantic
  2. Central Pacific
  3. Central Arctic
  4. Central Pacific