Treasury Bonds MCQs Test Online PDF Download

Treasury bonds multiple choice questions (MCQs), treasury bonds test prep to learn online MBA programs courses. Learn bond markets multiple choice questions (MCQs), treasury bonds quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on characteristics of bonds, treasury inflation protected securities, bond market securities, stock warrants, trading process: corporate bond aptitude test for online diploma in financial markets courses distance learning.

Practice bond markets aptitude test MCQs: as compared to treasury bonds, trading of municipal bonds in trading market is considered as, for free online courses with options more index inflation, less indexed inflation, less active, more active with distance learning, competitive exams preparation for national and international universities' admissions. Free skills assessment test is for online learning treasury bonds quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers to prepare admission test for admission in 1 year MBA program.

MCQ on Treasury BondsQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Treasury bonds and notes pay interest rate is classified as

  1. LIBOR rate monthly
  2. coupon interest monthly
  3. coupon interest semiannually
  4. coupon interest annually


MCQ: As compared to Treasury bonds, trading of municipal bonds in trading market is considered as

  1. more index inflation
  2. less indexed inflation
  3. less active
  4. more active


MCQ: Financial instruments such as treasury bonds and notes have

  1. lesser cost fluctuations
  2. wider price fluctuations
  3. less price fluctuations
  4. wider cost fluctuations


MCQ: Sum of purchase price and accrued interest on treasury bonds and notes is considered as

  1. dirty price
  2. clean price
  3. paid price
  4. unpaid price


MCQ: Price of treasury notes and treasury bonds without including accrued interest is classified as

  1. clean price
  2. full price
  3. dirty price
  4. accrued price