Default or Credit Risk Quiz Questions and Answers 50 PDF Download

Learn default or credit risk quiz online, financial markets test 50 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free default or credit risk MCQs questions and answers to learn financial markets and institutions quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on default or credit risk test with answers, trading process: municipal bond, characteristics of bonds, maturity impact: security value, convertible bonds, default or credit risk practice test for online bachelor degree in business administration courses distance learning.

Free online default or credit risk course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: expected rate that originates at any point in future for a specific security is classified as with choices forward rate , backward rate , termed rate and structured rate for online tutoring, subjective theory tests and online associate of business degree preparation, study financial markets & funds multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Default or Credit Risk Worksheet 50 Quiz PDF Download

Default or Credit Risk Quiz

MCQ: Expected rate that originates at any point in future for a specific security is classified as

  1. forward rate
  2. backward rate
  3. termed rate
  4. structured rate


Convertible Bonds Quiz

MCQ: Value of conversion option to bond holder is $220 and rate of return on non-convertible bond is $350 then rate of return on convertible bond is

  1. $570
  2. $130
  3. $670
  4. $1.59


Maturity Impact: Security value Quiz

MCQ: In zero coupon bonds, impact of higher duration on maturity is that

  1. maturity will be zero
  2. maturity will be elastic
  3. maturity will be higher
  4. maturity will be lower


Characteristics of Bonds Quiz

MCQ: Several maturities dates are involved in issued bonds if company earnings are classified as

  1. parallel term income
  2. pledged
  3. volatile
  4. non-volatile


Trading Process: Municipal Bond Quiz

MCQ: Municipal bonds public offering is often made through

  1. insurance companies
  2. index banking firm
  3. commercial banking firm