Money Market & Capital Market Quiz Questions and Answers 42 PDF Download

Learn money market & capital market quiz, online financial markets test 42 for distance learning, online courses. Free financial markets and institutions MCQs questions and answers to learn money market & capital market MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on money market and capital market with answers, brady and sovereign bonds, derivative securities market, stock markets: option values, primary and secondary stock markets, money market and capital market test for online business finance degree courses distance learning.

Free money market & capital market online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: markets in which transactions are done through computers and telephone without any specific location are classified as with choices past counter market , future counter market, over the counter markets and capital counter market for BBA, MBA degree preparation with business administration jobs' exam tests, study introduction to financial markets multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Money Market & Capital Market Worksheet 42 Quiz PDF Download

Money Market and Capital Market Quiz

MCQ. Markets in which transactions are done through computers and telephone without any specific location are classified as

  1. past counter market
  2. future counter market
  3. over the counter markets
  4. capital counter market


Primary and Secondary Stock Markets Quiz

MCQ. Markets in which new securities are issued by corporations to raise funds are called

  1. primary markets
  2. secondary markets
  3. Gross markets
  4. proceeds markets


Stock Markets: Option Values Quiz

MCQ. Price of underlying asset is added into intrinsic value of option to calculate

  1. forward price of option
  2. exercise price of option
  3. book value of option
  4. spot price of option


Derivative Securities Market Quiz

MCQ. Type of exchange members who only buy and sell for their personal account are classified as

  1. non-investment traders
  2. professional traders
  3. commercial traders
  4. investment traders


Brady and Sovereign Bonds Quiz

MCQ. Financial institutions having loans swapped for bonds can sell all bonds in

  1. under-developed markets
  2. developed markets
  3. primary markets
  4. secondary markets