Money Market & Capital Market Quiz Questions and Answers 28 PDF Download

Learn money market & capital market quiz online, financial markets test 28 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free introduction to financial markets quiz, money market & capital market multiple choice questions and answers to learn financial markets and institutions quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on money market and capital market test with answers, characteristics of bonds, corporate bonds, supply of loanable fund, money market and capital market practice test for online bachelor degree courses distance learning.

Free online money market & capital market course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: type of market in which securities with less than one year maturity are traded, is classified as with options money market, capital market , transaction market and global market for online business consultant interview questions and answers with BBA, MBA practice tests, study introduction to financial markets multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers for masters degree's entrance exam preparation.

Quiz on Money Market & Capital Market Worksheet 28 Quiz PDF Download

Money Market and Capital Market Quiz

MCQ: Type of market in which securities with less than one year maturity are traded, is classified as

  1. money market
  2. capital market
  3. transaction market
  4. global market


Supply of Loanable Fund Quiz

MCQ: Equilibrium interest rate increases and economic conditions decreases then supply curve must shift to

  1. down and to the left
  2. down and to the right
  3. up and to the left
  4. up and to the right


Corporate Bonds Quiz

MCQ: In best efforts offering, price offered by investment banks is originally set by

  1. municipality
  2. insurance companies
  3. negotiable transactions
  4. global placement


Supply of Loanable Fund Quiz

MCQ: If demand of loanable demands increases then borrowing cost of funds is

  1. higher
  2. zero
  3. upside
  4. lower


Characteristics of Bonds Quiz

MCQ: Department who is appointed by bond holders as representative or monitor of bonds is considered as

  1. trustee
  2. trust department
  3. monitoring department
  4. indenture department