Convertible Bond Analysis Quiz Questions and Answers 23 PDF Download

Learn convertible bond analysis quiz online, financial markets test 23 for online learning, distance learning courses. Free bond markets quiz, convertible bond analysis multiple choice questions and answers to learn financial markets and institutions quiz with answers. Practice tests for educational assessment on convertible bond analysis test with answers, types of international bonds, bond market securities, impact of financial maturity, corporate bonds, convertible bond analysis practice test for online university degree courses distance learning.

Free online convertible bond analysis course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: conversion values is $8500 and conversion rate received on stock conversion is 430 then current market price of stock is with options $15.24 , $13.24 , $20.24 and $19.24 with online business courses preparation for BBA, MBA and associate business degree programs, study bond markets multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers to prepare entrance exam for admission in cheapest online MBA program.

Quiz on Convertible Bond Analysis Worksheet 23 Quiz PDF Download

Convertible Bond Analysis Quiz

MCQ: Conversion values is $8500 and conversion rate received on stock conversion is 430 then current market price of stock is

  1. $15.24
  2. $13.24
  3. $20.24
  4. $19.24


Corporate Bonds Quiz

MCQ: As compared to publicly placed issues, privately placed bonds are issued for

  1. lower paid interest rates
  2. higher paid interest rates
  3. registered interest rates
  4. unregistered interest rates


Impact of Financial Maturity Quiz

MCQ: In zero coupon bonds, impact of lower duration on maturity is that

  1. maturity will be higher
  2. maturity will be lower
  3. maturity will be zero
  4. maturity will be elastic


Bond Market Securities Quiz

MCQ: Minimum denominations of municipal bonds are

  1. $5,000
  2. $10,000
  3. $12,000
  4. $22,000


Types of International Bonds Quiz

MCQ: Type of Eurobonds which are convertible are considered as

  1. related to international market
  2. related to equity
  3. related to common stock
  4. related to national market