Stock Market Securities Quiz Questions and Answers 14 PDF Book Download

Stock market securities quiz, stock market securities MCQs answers, MBA finance quiz 14 to learn finance courses online. World stock markets quiz questions and answers, stock market securities multiple choice questions (MCQ) to practice financial markets and institutions test with answers for college and university courses. Learn stock market securities MCQs, supply of loanable fund, options in stock markets, convertible bonds, stock market securities test prep for accounting certifications.

Learn stock market securities test with multiple choice question (MCQs): capital gain is subtracted from return to stockholders to calculate, with choices periodic dividend payments, constant spot rate payment, constant forward rate payment, and constant future rate payment for online bachelor of finance. Learn world stock markets questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test for CPA certification.

Quiz on Stock Market Securities Worksheet 14Quiz Book Download

Stock Market Securities Quiz

MCQ: Capital gain is subtracted from return to stockholders to calculate

  1. periodic dividend payments
  2. constant spot rate payment
  3. constant forward rate payment
  4. constant future rate payment


Convertible Bonds Quiz

MCQ: As compared to non-convertible bonds, yield on convertible bond is

  1. relatively lower
  2. relatively higher
  3. relatively zero
  4. relatively discounted


Options in Stock Markets Quiz

MCQ: Consider call option writing, probability that a buyer would have positive payoff increases with the

  1. increase in stock price
  2. decrease in stock price
  3. increase in maturity duration
  4. decrease in maturity duration


Supply of Loanable Fund Quiz

MCQ: According to demand for funds curve, demand curve shifts to right if there is an increase in

  1. equilibrium demand
  2. equilibrium interest rate
  3. equilibrium supply
  4. equilibrium savings


Bankers Acceptance Quiz

MCQ: Instrument used by Federal Reserve to smooth money supply and interest rates include

  1. treasury notes
  2. repurchase agreements
  3. commercial payable notes
  4. commercial receivable notes