Federal Funds Quiz Questions and Answers 96 PDF Book Download

Federal funds quiz, federal funds MCQs with answers, MBA finance quiz 96 for online finance courses. College and university degree MCQs on money markets quiz questions and answers, federal funds multiple choice questions to practice financial markets and institutions test with answers. Learn federal funds MCQs, career aptitude test on financial risk management, default risk, stock markets: option values, federal funds test prep for certified accountant certification.

Practice federal funds career test with multiple choice question (MCQs): type of funds that have transfer transactions between financial institutions are classified as, to learn accounting and finance degree with options federal funds, premium funds, discount funds, mean funds for careers with a bachelors in finance. Learn money markets questions and answers with problem-solving skills assessment test for finance certifications.

Quiz on Federal Funds Worksheet 96Quiz Book Download

Federal Funds Quiz

MCQ: Type of funds that have transfer transactions between financial institutions are classified as

  1. federal funds
  2. premium funds
  3. discount funds
  4. mean funds


Stock Markets: Option Values Quiz

MCQ: If stock price of call option is $300 and exercise price of call option is $260 then intrinsic value of option is

  1. $260.00
  2. $560
  3. $40
  4. $300


Default Risk Quiz

MCQ: In dimension of default risk, municipal bonds are considered as

  1. default risk free
  2. not default risk free
  3. not indexed
  4. must be indexed


Financial Risk Management Quiz

MCQ: Risk which arises all activities from contingent liabilities and assets is considered as

  1. off balance sheet risk
  2. income statement risk
  3. balance of trade risk
  4. balance of payment risk


Money Market Securities Quiz

MCQ: Financial instruments are traded in money markets and then traded in

  1. money markets
  2. capital markets
  3. debt markets
  4. economic markets