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Money market securities MCQs, money market securities quiz answers to learn MBA online courses. Learn money markets multiple choice questions (MCQs), money market securities quiz questions and answers. Career assessment test on secondary market issues, bankers acceptance, eurodollar market, money market participants, secondary market trading process, money market securities test prep for accounting certifications.

Practice money markets test MCQs: funds transferred usually for a day between financial institutions are classified as, with choices federal funds, banker's funds, debt funds, and secured funds for online degree in accounting and finance. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, learning online money market securities quiz questions for competitive assessment in business majors for finance certifications.

MCQ on Money Market SecuritiesQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Funds transferred usually for a day between financial institutions are classified as

  1. federal funds
  2. banker's funds
  3. debt funds
  4. secured funds


MCQ: Process of issuing treasury bills is classified as

  1. treasury trading auction
  2. treasury fund auction
  3. treasury bills auction
  4. treasury bills transfer


MCQ: Obligations that are issued by US governments and are obligated for short term, are classified as

  1. bankers treasury
  2. treasury bills
  3. treasury funds
  4. secured treasury


MCQ: Promissory notes issued by company for short term fund raising are unsecured are classified as

  1. unsecured notes
  2. debt paper
  3. term paper
  4. commercial paper


MCQ: Drafts which are backed up by banks and are payable to seller of products or services are classified as

  1. banker acceptance
  2. secured acceptance
  3. unsecured acceptance
  4. economic acceptance