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World Stock Markets Multiple Choice Questions and Answers 1 PDF Download

Learn world stock markets MCQs, mastering finance test 1 for online learning, course exam prep. Practice derivative securities market MCQs, world stock markets multiple choice questions and answers on derivative securities market, options in stock markets, stock markets option values, stock market swaps test for online global financial markets courses distance learning.

Free online world stock markets quiz, self-study student guide has multiple choice question: markets in which derivatives are traded, are classified as with options cash flow backed markets , assets backed market , mortgage backed markets and derivative securities markets for distance learning for online bachelor's degree and masters degree exams. Study to learn online derivative securities market quiz questions with financial markets MCQs for colleges and universities' financial aid competitive exam preparation.

MCQ on World Stock Markets Test 1 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Markets in which derivatives are traded, are classified as

  1. assets backed market
  2. cash flow backed markets
  3. mortgage backed markets
  4. derivative securities markets


MCQ: Consider buying of put option, probability that a buyer would have negative payoff increases with the

  1. increase in stock price
  2. decrease in stock price
  3. increase in maturity duration
  4. decrease in maturity duration


MCQ: Price of an option is subtracted form time value of option to calculate

  1. book value index
  2. market index
  3. intrinsic value
  4. extrinsic value


MCQ: If intrinsic value of an option is $450 and price of an option is $560 then time value of an option is

  1. $110
  2. $1,010
  3. $450.00
  4. $560


MCQ: Type of swaps in which fixed payments of interest are exchanged by two counterparties for floating payments of interest are called

  1. float-fixed swaps
  2. interest rate swaps
  3. indexed swaps
  4. counter party swaps