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Federal funds multiple choice questions (MCQs), federal funds test prep for online learning with MBA degree certificate eCourses. Learn money markets multiple choice questions (MCQs), federal funds quiz questions and answers. Career test prep on money market participants, federal fund rate, commercial paper, certificates of deposits aptitude test for online masters in financial engineering courses distance learning.

Practice money markets aptitude test MCQs: transactions that came into being when borrowing and lending of excess money occurs, are considered as, for free online courses with options annual funds transaction, liable funds transactions, federal funds transaction, functional funds transaction for online business manager interview questions and answers with BBA, MBA competitive exam tests. Free skills assessment test is for online e-learning federal funds quiz questions with MCQs, exam preparation questions and answers for admission test preparation for admission in part time MBA program.

MCQ on Federal FundsQuiz PDF Download

MCQ: Banks that deals with reciprocal agreements and accounts are considered as

  1. correspondent banks
  2. non-correspondent banks
  3. reciprocal transactions
  4. functional banks


MCQ: Transactions that came into being when borrowing and lending of excess money occurs, are considered as

  1. annual funds transaction
  2. liable funds transactions
  3. federal funds transaction
  4. functional funds transaction


MCQ: Transaction of federal funds usually take place in form of

  1. functional loans
  2. annual loans
  3. unsecured loans
  4. secured loans


MCQ: Type of funds that have transfer transactions between financial institutions are classified as

  1. federal funds
  2. premium funds
  3. discount funds
  4. mean funds


MCQ: Most flexible and liquid source of funding for savings banks is

  1. annual loan market
  2. federal funds market
  3. functional funding market
  4. secured funding market