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Corporate bonds multiple choice questions (MCQs), corporate bonds test prep for online learning with MBA degree certificate eCourses. Learn bond markets multiple choice questions (MCQs), corporate bonds quiz questions and answers. Career test on characteristics of bonds, treasury inflation protected securities, bond market securities, stock warrants, trading process: corporate bond test for online bachelor of business admin courses distance learning.

Learn bond markets practice test MCQs: if trading of municipal bonds is infrequent, then secondary market is considered as, for free online courses with options thin markets, thick markets, higher underwriting, lower underwriting for competitive admission tests for study abroad scholarships and online PhD programs. Free skills assessment test is for e-learning online corporate bonds quiz questions for competitive assessment in business majors for colleges and universities' entrance exam preparation.

MCQ on Corporate BondsQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Placement of financial issue in which investment bank and municipality together find large buyers is classified as

  1. reserve placement
  2. federal placement
  3. private placement
  4. government placement


MCQ: If trading of municipal bonds is infrequent, then secondary market is considered as

  1. thin markets
  2. thick markets
  3. higher underwriting
  4. lower underwriting


MCQ: Bonds issued by corporations for relatively longer term are classified as

  1. long term bonds
  2. short term bonds
  3. corporate bonds
  4. Federal Reserve bonds


MCQ: As compared to publicly placed issues, privately placed bonds are issued for

  1. lower paid interest rates
  2. higher paid interest rates
  3. registered interest rates
  4. unregistered interest rates


MCQ: In best efforts offering, price offered by investment banks is originally set by

  1. municipality
  2. insurance companies
  3. negotiable transactions
  4. global placement