Common Stock MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn common stock MCQs, financial markets test for online learning courses, test prep to practice test. World stock markets quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), common stock quiz questions and answers, stock market: swaps, stock markets: option values, options in stock markets, common stock tutorials for online master corporate finance courses distance learning.

Financial markets and institutions practice test MCQ: in public corporation, claim of fundamental ownership is called with choices common stock , fundamental stock , corporate stock and claimed stock for current students to get good grades in midterm and final exams with online distance learning resources. Free study guide is for online learning common stock quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Common Stock Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: In public corporation, claim of fundamental ownership is called

  1. common stock
  2. fundamental stock
  3. corporate stock
  4. claimed stock


MCQ: Firm in which different voting rights are assigned for different classes of stock is classified as

  1. divided class firm
  2. sub class firm
  3. dual class firm
  4. One class firm


MCQ: When earnings are reinvested instead of payments of dividends, then capital gains

  1. must increases
  2. must decreases
  3. must be zero
  4. must be one


MCQ: Voting ballot that is sent to stock holders by corporation is classified as

  1. corporate paper
  2. white voting paper
  3. screened paper
  4. proxy


MCQ: Residual claims, limited rights, limited liability and dividend payments on discrete basis are considered as

  1. characteristics of fundamental stock
  2. characteristics of claimed stock
  3. characteristics of common stock
  4. characteristics of preferred stock