Certificates of Deposits MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn certificates of deposits MCQs, financial markets test for online learning courses, test prep to practice test. Money markets quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), certificates of deposits quiz questions and answers, money market participants, federal fund rate, commercial paper, certificates of deposits tutorials for online masters in financial economics courses distance learning.

Financial markets and institutions practice test MCQ: liquidity status of certificate of deposit which is more negotiable is considered as with choices certified liquidity , term liquidity , more liquid and less liquid for undergraduate students to compete in online entrance exams for postgraduate and PhD degree programs. Free study guide is for online learning certificates of deposits quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Certificates of Deposits Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Liquidity status of certificate of deposit which is more negotiable is considered as

  1. certified liquidity
  2. term liquidity
  3. more liquid
  4. less liquid


MCQ: Certificate of deposits which are usually negotiable are issued by

  1. banks
  2. financial market
  3. stock exchange
  4. business corporations


MCQ: Type of instrument whoever holds it, gets interest and principal amount is classified as

  1. term instrument
  2. interim instrument
  3. primary instrument
  4. bearer instrument


MCQ: Negotiable deposit certificate are traded in

  1. secondary markets
  2. primary markets
  3. direct markets
  4. indirect markets


MCQ: Retail certificate of deposits which are not traded have face value of

  1. $250,000
  2. $100,000
  3. $150,000
  4. $200,000