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Bond markets definition MCQs, bond markets definition quiz answers to learn online finance courses. Learn bond markets multiple choice questions (MCQs), bond markets definition quiz questions and answers. Career assessment test on municipal bonds, default risk, treasury bonds, types of international bonds, bond markets definition test prep for accounting certifications.

Practice bond markets test MCQs: longer debt instrument issued by government and corporations is considered as, with choices contraction bonds, expansion bonds, dollar bonds, and bonds for online degree in accounting and finance. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, online learning bond markets definition quiz questions for competitive assessment in business majors for finance certifications.

MCQ on Bond Markets DefinitionQuiz Book Download

MCQ: Longer debt instrument issued by government and corporations is considered as

  1. contraction bonds
  2. expansion bonds
  3. dollar bonds
  4. bonds


MCQ: Markets which reallocate liquid funds in relatively fixed amounts are classified as

  1. capital markets
  2. debt markets
  3. secondary markets
  4. primary markets


MCQ: In capital markets, instruments which are traded having maturity of more than one year is classified as

  1. contraction mortgages
  2. bonds and mortgages
  3. expansion bonds
  4. expansion mortgages


MCQ: Type of market in which short term instruments are traded and purchased by economic units, is classified as

  1. money markets
  2. capital markets
  3. debt markets
  4. economic markets


MCQ: Forgone amount for holding balances of cash at time they are received is classified as

  1. forgone cost
  2. debt cost
  3. opportunity cost
  4. balances cost