Comprehensive Viva Questions for Zoology with Answers FAQ PDF Book Download

Comprehensive viva questions for zoology with answers, learn online zoology MCQs, competency based interview questions with FAQs based online test prep. These frequently asked questions has multiple choice questions (MCQs), zoology quiz questions and answers as members of phylum nematoda are also called, with choices flat worm, round worm, hook worm, and tape worm for online certifications and degrees. Free FAQ, situational interview questions are to learn comprehensive viva questions for zoology with answers: Q&A online with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

FAQ: Comprehensive Viva Questions for Zoology with Answers PDF Book Download

MCQ: Members of phylum Nematoda are also called

  1. Flat worm
  2. Round worm
  3. Hook worm
  4. Tape worm


MCQ: A pair of eyes are present in aquatic nematodes called

  1. Aquatic eyes
  2. Ocelli
  3. Bulging eyes
  4. Sight


MCQ: Common example of nematoda is

  1. Ascaris
  2. Planaria
  3. Hook worm
  4. Liver fluke


MCQ: Most nematodes are dimorphic and

  1. Monoceious
  2. Dioecious
  3. Male
  4. Female


MCQ: Body surface of a kinorhynch lacks cilia and move in mud and sand with help of snout process of movement is called

  1. Burrowing
  2. Creeping
  3. Walking
  4. Jumping