SQL Objective Questions and Answers FAQ PDF Download

Sql objective questions and answers, learn online sql MCQs, competency based interview questions with FAQs based online test prep. These frequently asked questions has multiple choice questions (MCQs), sql quiz questions and answers: in sql "all attributes" can be displayed by using symbol, answer key with options ?, ^, &, * for competitive exam preparation. Free FAQ, situational interview questions are to learn sql objective questions and answers: Q&A online with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

FAQ: SQL Objective Questions and Answers PDF Download

MCQ: In SQL "all attributes" can be displayed by using symbol

  1. ?
  2. ^
  3. &
  4. *


MCQ: Output generated by boolean expression 'true and unknown' is

  1. True
  2. False
  3. Unknown
  4. Null


MCQ: Symbol

  1. Select clause
  2. Define clause
  3. From clause
  4. Where clause


MCQ: A powerful pattern matching operation named "similar to" was introduced in

  1. SQL:1997
  2. SQL:1998
  3. SQL:1999
  4. SQL:2000


MCQ: In SQL, output of a union operation automatically eliminates

  1. Non-Consistency
  2. Duplication
  3. Non-Integrity
  4. Unauthorization