Microbiology Quizzes, Questions and Answers FAQ PDF Book Download

Microbiology quizzes, questions and answers, learn online microbiology MCQs, competency based interview questions with FAQs based online test prep. These frequently asked questions has multiple choice questions (MCQs), microbiology quiz questions and answers as in term orthomyxoviruses word myxo refers to affinity of these viruses for, with choices membranes, host, mucins, and mucosa for online certifications and degrees. Free FAQ, situational interview questions are to learn microbiology quizzes, questions and answers: Q&A online with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

FAQ: Microbiology Quizzes, Questions and Answers PDF Book Download

MCQ: In term Orthomyxoviruses word myxo refers to affinity of these viruses for

  1. Membranes
  2. Host
  3. Mucins
  4. Mucosa


MCQ: Rabies virus is an important human pathogen belongs to class

  1. Rhabdoviruses
  2. Paramyxoviruses
  3. Coronaviruses
  4. Arenaviruses


MCQ: HBD stands for

  1. Hepatitis B virus
  2. Hepatitis C virus
  3. Hepatitis delta virus
  4. Hepatitis A virus


MCQ: Hepatitis C virus, West Nile virus, yellow fever virus, dengue virus, and St. Louis and Japanese encephalitis viruses are included in

  1. Caliciviruses
  2. Proviruses
  3. Flaviviruses
  4. Togaviruses


MCQ: Smallest virus with diameter 28nm is named as

  1. Picornaviruses
  2. Herpesviruses
  3. Poxviruses
  4. Adenovirus