HTML Entry Test Preparation Guide for Students FAQ PDF Download

Html entry test preparation guide for students, learn online html MCQs, competency based interview questions with FAQs based online test prep. These frequently asked questions has multiple choice questions (MCQs), html quiz questions and answers: non-ascii characters in url encoding is replaced with a, answer key with options %, #, @, ? for competitive exam preparation. Free FAQ, situational interview questions are to learn html entry test preparation guide for students: Q&A online with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

FAQ: HTML Entry Test Preparation Guide for Students PDF Download

MCQ: Non-ASCII characters in URL encoding is replaced with a

  1. %
  2. #
  3. @
  4. ?


MCQ: In HTML5, default character-set is known to be of

  1. UTF-5
  2. UTF-6
  3. UTF-7
  4. UTF-8


MCQ: URL encoding replaces a space in URL with sign

  1. ?
  2. +
  3. %
  4. &


MCQ: Important XML standards includes XML AJAX, XML DOM, XML Xpath and

  1. XML XQuery
  2. XML Services
  3. XML Domain
  4. Both A and B


MCQ: In HTML, element that defines collecting data from user is called

  1. <entry>
  2. <textbox>
  3. <form>
  4. <input>