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General knowledge latest mcqs: Q&A, learn online general knowledge test prep 5 for distance education courses. General knowledge latest mcqs to practice general knowledge quiz with answers for college and university courses.

Practice general knowledge latest mcqs with multiple choice question (MCQs): john f kennedy was assassinated by, with choices louis pasteur, frederick auguste bartholdi, lee harvey oswald, and john milton for online general knowledge certifications. Learn john f kennedy questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test.

Quiz: General Knowledge Latest MCQs Worksheet 5 Download PDF

MCQ: John F Kennedy was assassinated by

  1. Louis Pasteur
  2. Frederick Auguste Bartholdi
  3. Lee Harvey Oswald
  4. John Milton


MCQ: Largest river in France is

  1. river nile
  2. river Rhine
  3. river amazon
  4. river thames


MCQ: Which one of following was first British University who admit women for degree courses?

  1. USA university
  2. Korean university
  3. London university
  4. American university


MCQ: Principal export of Jamaica is

  1. rice
  2. sugar
  3. wheat
  4. cotton


MCQ: New York is popularly known as city of

  1. hot air balloon
  2. islands
  3. coffee cake
  4. sky scrapers