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Frequently Asked Questions for Jobs' Tests and Interviews

MCQslearn provides collection of questions with answers for competitive jobs’ exams for electronics engineers, computer engineers, software engineers and IT fields.

Electronics Frequently Asked Questions

Practice frequently asked questions with answers on electronics engineering courses and to get prepare for electronics related job interviews. MCQsLearn provides study guides for subjects like basic electronics, electronic devices and many other courses as:

Control Systems 200 FAQs

Computer Science Frequently Asked Questions

Practice frequently asked questions with answers on computer science/software engineering/computer engineering courses and to get prepare for software/IT related job interviews. MCQsLearn provides study guides for subjects like basic distributed computing, computer networking, data structures and many other courses as:

Android 120 FAQs

C Language 200 FAQs

Data Structures 100 FAQs



SQL 200 FAQs

Jobs Interviews Questions Answers provides online learning for job seekers with frequently asked questions answers with topics listed as:

Jobs Interviews SubTopics

Here is a list of subtopics included for jobs interviews questions online.

  1. PHP Basics
  2. PHP Data Types
  3. Variables
  4. Constants
  5. PHP 5
  6. PHP INI
  7. Magic Constants
  8. Magic Methods
  9. Type Hinting
  10. PHP Interfaces
  11. Classes and Interfaces
  12. Design Patterns
  13. PHP Visibilities
  15. PHP Functions
  16. SAPI
  17. Arithmetic Operators
  18. User Interface JQuery
  19. Microsoft CDN
  20. JQuery CDN
  21. JQuery Basics
  22. JQuery Alert Code
  23. JQuery Event Handler
  24. JQuery Bind Method
  25. JQuery Blur Method
  26. JQuery Change Method
  27. JQuery Click Method
  28. JQuery Double Click Method
  29. JQuery Die Function
  30. JQuery Error Function
  31. JQuery Prevent Default Function
  32. JQuery Live Function
  33. JQuery Load Function
  34. Setters and Getters
  35. Getters
  36. AJAX Basics
  37. Main Function
  38. AJAX Object
  39. AJAX Syntax
  40. AJAX Methods
  41. AJAX Code
  42. Asynchronous Requests
  43. POST Request
  44. AJAX Properties
  45. Call Back Function
  46. AJAX Functions
  47. AJAX Objects
  48. Role of DOM
  49. AJAX Operations
  50. AJAX Examples
  51. What is C++
  52. Class and Object
  53. Integrated Development System
  54. command line system
  55. Autoexec Batch File
  56. Memory Models
  57. Compiling and Linking
  58. Inheritance
  59. Public, Private and Protected
  60. C++ Contructor
  61. Bitwise Operators
  62. Classes and Objects
  63. COM
  64. GUID
  65. COM Interface
  66. Iunknown Interface
  67. CodeIgniter
  68. ExpressionEngine
  69. Codeigniter Features
  70. MVC Architecture
  71. CodeIgniter Controller
  72. CodeIgniter URL Patterns
  73. MVC Classes
  74. Routing File
  75. URI Mapping
  76. Matching Rules
  77. MVC Model
  78. Query Builder
  79. CMS
  80. Framework
  81. System Directory
  82. Application Directory
  83. Codeigniter Views
  84. What is ReST
  85. ReST Application
  86. ReST Features
  87. ReST Limitations
  88. ReST Conventions
  89. Secure Application
  90. GET and POST
  91. Formats
  92. Format Features
  93. ReST Websites
  94. AJAX and ReST
  95. ReST Architecture
  96. ReST Oriented Architecture
  97. WSDL
  98. WADL
  99. ReST and HTTP
  100. ReST Commands