Research Methodology Important Questions with Answer Key FAQ PDF Book Download

Research methodology important questions with answer key, learn online business research MCQs, competency based interview questions with FAQs based online test prep. These frequently asked questions has multiple choice questions (MCQs), business research quiz questions and answers: determination of need for research lies on, answer key with options time constraints, availability of data, nature of decision, all of above for competitive exam preparation. Free FAQ, situational interview questions are to learn research methodology important questions with answer key: Q&A online with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

FAQ: Research Methodology Important Questions with Answer Key PDF Book Download

MCQ: Determination of need for research lies on

  1. time constraints
  2. the availability of data
  3. nature of the decision
  4. all of the above


MCQ: Before developing any strategy, a firm must determine that

  1. where it wants to go
  2. how it will go to specified place
  3. both A and B
  4. none of the above


MCQ: Objective and formal measurement and appraisal of extent to which a project, activity or program has achieved its objectives is known as

  1. evaluation research
  2. performance monitoring research
  3. basic business research
  4. applied business research


MCQ: Type of evaluation research that regularly provides feedback for evaluation and control of recurring business activity is called

  1. basic business research
  2. applied business research
  3. evaluation research
  4. performance monitoring research


MCQ: To verify empirical findings from a culture also exists and behave in any other culture called

  1. cross culture
  2. same validity
  3. cross validate
  4. traditions