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Physics: Career Placement Test 1 PDF Book Download

Physics career placement test to practice physics MCQs, physics assessment test 1 to practice properties of electromagnetic waves MCQs. Free career assessment test questions with answers to practice job placement test on latent heat, shortest wavelength, pressure in liquids, thermometer and scales, properties of electromagnetic waves MCQs.

Practice properties of electromagnetic waves multiple choice questions (MCQs): latent heat of vaporisation is released or absorbed during, for competitive exams with options melting and freezing, melting and boiling, boiling and condensing, boiling and freezing for certification exam prep.

Physics Entry Test 1

Latent Heat Practice Test Question

MCQ: Latent heat of vaporisation is released or absorbed during

  1. melting and boiling
  2. melting and freezing
  3. boiling and condensing
  4. boiling and freezing


Introduction Practice Test Question

MCQ: Shortest wavelength in electromagnetic spectrum is of

  1. x-rays
  2. radio waves
  3. ultraviolet rays
  4. gamma rays


Pressure in Liquids Practice Test Question

MCQ: Formula in which Density, Depth, Gravity and Pressure are linked is

  1. P=ρg/h
  2. P=ρh/g
  3. P=ρgh
  4. P=gh/ρ


Thermometer and Scales Practice Test Question

MCQ: Thermometer used to measure temperature of lava could be

  1. Thermocouple thermometer
  2. Clinical Thermometer
  3. Laboratory thermometer
  4. Resistance Thermometer


Properties of Electromagnetic Waves Practice Test Question

MCQ: Electromagnetic Waves have speed of

  1. 3.0x108 m/s in glass
  2. 3.0x108 m/s in water
  3. 3.0x108 m/s in vacuum
  4. 3.0x108 m/s in solids