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Math Placement Test - Entry Test MCQs 4 PDF Download

Placement test 4 to practice angle properties of polygons MCQs. Here, you may find free entry test questions with answers to practice math test 1 college placement test on rate, ratio and speed, fundamental algebra, rate, ratio and speed, percentage, angle properties of polygons, MCQs with questions and answers.

Math Entry Test 4

Interest Practice Test Question

MCQ: Paul withdraws his money from a bank account. He deposited $550 and got $616 after 2 years. rate of bank per year should be

  1. 56%
  2. 6%
  3. 44.6%
  4. 10%


Factorisation Practice Test Question

MCQ: By factorising 3ax+6ay if possible, answer should be

  1. 3(ax+2ay)
  2. a(3x+6y)
  3. (a+2x)(a+y)
  4. 3a(x+2y)


Ratio Practice Test Question

MCQ: There is a sack of 120 kg of rice. It has to be divided among 3 people in ratio 1:3:4, least amount person gets is

  1. 12 kg
  2. 20 kg
  3. 15 kg
  4. 60 kg


Percentage Practice Test Question

MCQ: A shopkeeper sales a pack of books of a particuler school with a discount of 20%, if a customer pays $240, cost of books without discount should be

  1. $288
  2. $300
  3. $360
  4. $250


Finding Sides Practice Test Question

MCQ: A regular polygon has interior angle of 162° number of sides of polygon should be

  1. 12
  2. 15
  3. 20
  4. 25