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Engineering Quizzes - Multiple Choice Questions Answers PDF Book Download

Engineering is the application practical knowledge in order to design, develop and deploy in real time applications with many disciplines like electronics engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering and many others. During engineering studies and after graduation, engineers have to appear in exams for jobs. Here you may attempt multiple choice questions to asses yourself selecting yours area of engineering studies.

Digital Electronics MCQs Practice Tests

MCQslearn website helps for distance learning, online colleges and universities courses with MCQs questions on Digital Electronics Quiz on chapters as:

Analog to Digital Converters MCQs Chapter 1 17 Questions
BiCMOS Digital Circuits MCQs Chapter 2 31 Questions
Bipolar Junction Transistors MCQs Chapter 3 139 Questions
BJT Advanced Technology Dynamic Switching MCQs Chapter 4 26 Questions
BJTs Digital Circuits MCQs Chapter 5 32 Questions
CMOS Inverters MCQs Chapter 6 55 Questions
CMOS Logic Gates Circuits MCQs Chapter 7 51 Questions
Digital Logic Gates MCQs Chapter 8 37 Questions
Dynamic Logic Circuits MCQs Chapter 9 34 Questions
Emitter Coupled Logic (ECL) MCQs Chapter 10 63 Questions
Encoders and Decoders MCQs Chapter 11 33 Questions
Gallium Arsenide Digital Circuits MCQs Chapter 12 69 Questions
Introduction to Digital Electronics MCQs Chapter 13 127 Questions
Latches & Flip Flops MCQs Chapter 14 81 Questions
MOS Digital Circuits MCQs Chapter 15 40 Questions
Multivibrators Circuits MCQs Chapter 16 24 Questions
Number Systems MCQs Chapter 17 48 Questions
Pass Transistor Logic Circuits MCQs Chapter 18 24 Questions
Pseudo NMOS Logic Circuits MCQs Chapter 19 44 Questions
Random Access Memory Cells MCQs Chapter 20 37 Questions
Read Only Memory ROM MCQs Chapter 21 149 Questions
Semiconductor Memories MCQs Chapter 22 42 Questions
Sense Amplifiers and Address Decoders MCQs Chapter 23 51 Questions
SPICE Simulator MCQs Chapter 24 29 Questions
Transistor Transistor Logic (TTL) MCQs Chapter 25 117 Questions

Electronics Engineering Quizzes

Multiple choice questions on electronics engineering. Select from electronic circuit design, microelectronics and RF electronics, practice quiz with MCQs on with answers provided to asses yours skill.

Mechanical Engineering Quizzes

Multiple choice questions on mechanical engineering. Select from applied thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, mechanics of materials and computational fluid dynamics (CFD), practice quiz with MCQs on with answers provided to asses yours skill for exam and job interviews.