Feedback Oscillator Principles Quiz Question and Answers 78 PDF Download

Learn feedback oscillator principles quiz, online electronic devices test 78 for distance learning, online courses. Free electronic devices MCQs questions and answers to learn feedback oscillator principles MCQs with answers. Practice MCQs to test knowledge on feedback oscillator principles with answers, calculation of electrons, jfet biasing, transistor ac equivalent circuits, introduction of 555 timer, feedback oscillator principles test for online analog electronic devices courses distance learning.

Free feedback oscillator principles online course worksheet has multiple choice quiz question: product of an amplifier gan and attenuation of feedback circuit is equals to with choices current gain, voltage gain, resistance and capacitance for online e-learning for job hiring, graduate jobs and research jobs preparation for engineering job seekers, study oscillators multiple choice questions based quiz question and answers.

Quiz on Feedback Oscillator Principles Worksheet 78 Quiz PDF Download

Feedback Oscillator Principles Quiz

MCQ. Product of an amplifier gan and attenuation of feedback circuit is equals to

  1. current gain
  2. voltage gain
  3. resistance
  4. capacitance


Introduction of 555 Timer Quiz

MCQ. 555 timer is introduced in

  1. 1872
  2. 1890
  3. 1932
  4. 1972


Transistor AC Equivalent Circuits Quiz

MCQ. If emitter current is 2mA than internal emitter resistance will equals to

  1. 12.5 Ω
  2. 12.5k Ω
  3. 125 Ω
  4. 0.25 Ω


JFET Biasing Quiz

MCQ. A p-channel JFET requires a

  1. positive gate to source voltage
  2. negati Ve gate to source voltage
  3. positive drain to source voltage
  4. negati Ve drain to source voltage


Calculation of Electrons Quiz

MCQ. Impure semiconductors that contains impurities are termed as

  1. intrinsic
  2. extrinsic
  3. inherent
  4. inseparable