Transistor as Switch Quiz Question and Answers 34 PDF Book Download

Transistor as switch quiz, transistor as switch MCQs answers, electronic devices quiz 34 to learn electronic devices courses online. Bipolar junction transistors quiz questions and answers, transistor as switch multiple choice questions (MCQ) to practice electronic devices test with answers for college and university courses. Learn transistor as switch MCQs, fet amplification, laser diode, types of semiconductors, transistor as switch test prep for engineering certifications.

Learn transistor as switch test with multiple choice question (MCQs): when transistor operates as switch, collector current is zero at, with choices cutoff region, active region, triode region, and saturation region for online masters degree. Learn bipolar junction transistors questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test.

Quiz on Transistor as Switch Worksheet 34Quiz Book Download

Transistor as Switch Quiz

MCQ: When transistor operates as switch, collector current is zero at

  1. cutoff region
  2. active region
  3. triode region
  4. saturation region


Types of Semiconductors Quiz

MCQ: Semiconductor material doped with penta Valent impurity is called

  1. n-type
  2. p-type
  3. neutral-type
  4. intrinsic-type


LASER Diode Quiz

MCQ: Active region of laser diode is present in

  1. n region
  2. intrinsic region
  3. p region
  4. conduction region


FET Amplification Quiz

MCQ: Drain of FET is analogues to BJT

  1. collector
  2. emitter
  3. base
  4. drain


Diode Models Quiz

MCQ: For a complete diode model, including internal resistance, forward current will be

  1. ( Vbiasing- VForward)/R
  2. ( Vbiasing- VForward)/(R+r(internal))
  3. ( Vbiasing- VForward)(R+r(internal))
  4. ( Vbiasing- VForward)r(internal)