Transistor Characteristics and Parameters Quiz Question and Answers 18 PDF Book Download

Transistor characteristics and parameters quiz, transistor characteristics and parameters MCQs answers, electronic devices quiz 18 to learn electronic devices courses online. Bipolar junction transistors quiz questions and answers, transistor characteristics and parameters multiple choice questions (MCQ) to practice electronic devices test with answers for college and university courses. Learn transistor characteristics and parameters MCQs, voltage multipliers, maximum transistors rating, common gate amplifier, transistor characteristics and parameters test prep for engineering certifications.

Learn transistor characteristics and parameters test with multiple choice question (MCQs): if base current is 50µa and collector current is 3.65ma than emitter current of bjt will be, with choices 2.3 ma, 3.7 ma, 4.54 ma, and 3.5 ma for online masters degree. Learn bipolar junction transistors questions and answers for scholarships exams' problem-solving, assessment test.

Quiz on Transistor Characteristics and Parameters Worksheet 18Quiz Book Download

Transistor Characteristics and Parameters Quiz

MCQ: If base current is 50µA and collector current is 3.65mA than emitter current of BJT will be

  1. 2.3 mA
  2. 3.7 mA
  3. 4.54 mA
  4. 3.5 mA


Common Gate Amplifier Quiz

MCQ: Input resistance of gate of amplifier is

  1. zero
  2. infinite
  3. extremely low
  4. extremely high


Maximum Transistors Rating Quiz

MCQ: If transistor is to be operated with collector emitter voltage of 6 V and maximum power rating is 250mW than collector current will be

  1. 41.7 mA
  2. 41.7 &mirco;A
  3. 41.7 A
  4. 4.17 mA


Voltage Multipliers Quiz

MCQ: Output voltage of quadrupler of 30 V must has minimum PI V rating of

  1. 10 V
  2. 15 V
  3. 20 V
  4. 25 V


Varactor Diodes Quiz

MCQ: When depletion region becomes widen in Varactor diode, plate separation

  1. will increase
  2. will decrease
  3. become zero
  4. become infinite