N-type and P-type Semiconductors MCQs Quiz Online PDF Book Download

N-type and p-type semiconductors MCQs, n-type and p-type semiconductors quiz answers to learn electronic devices online courses. Learn semiconductor basics multiple choice questions (MCQs), n-type and p-type semiconductors quiz questions and answers. Career assessment test on atomic structure, calculation of electrons, n-type and p-type semiconductors test prep for engineering certifications.

Practice semiconductor basics test MCQs: holes in n-type materials are called, with choices majority carriers, minority carriers, medium carriers, and zero carriers for online engineering degrees. Prepare assessment test for scholarships, learning online n-type and p-type semiconductors quiz questions for competitive assessment in engineering majors.

MCQ on N-type and P-type Semiconductors Quiz Book Download

MCQ: Holes in n-type materials are called

  1. majority carriers
  2. minority carriers
  3. medium carriers
  4. zero carriers


MCQ: Which of following is not a trivalent impurity atom?

  1. Boron
  2. Indium
  3. Gallium
  4. Phosphorous


MCQ: Impurity atoms are added to increase number of holes in intrinsic silicon are called

  1. bivalent impurities
  2. pentavalent impurities
  3. trivalent impurities
  4. divalent impurities


MCQ: Process in whichconductivity of semiconductor can be drastically increase by adding controlled impurities to intrinsic semiconductor is called

  1. doping
  2. attenuation
  3. excitation
  4. toxicity


MCQ: Semiconductor materials doped with penta Valent impurity has majority carriers of

  1. holes
  2. protons
  3. neutrons
  4. electrons