Transistor Bias Circuits Multiple Choice Questions 1 PDF Download

Learn transistor bias circuits multiple choice questions (MCQs), mastering electronic devices test 1 for online learning, course exam prep. Practice dc operating points MCQs, transistor bias circuits questions and answers on dc operating points, voltage divider bias, bias methods test for online electronics definitions courses distance learning.

Free online transistor bias circuits quiz, self-study student guide has multiple choice question: dc operating point of transistor is also known as with options load point, quiescent point, amplification point and junction point with online eLearning for international exams' preparation like GRE exam for good GRE scores. Study to learn online dc operating points quiz questions with electronic devices MCQs for electronics certification competitive exam prep.

MCQ on Transistor Bias Circuits Test 1 Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: DC operating point of transistor is also known as

  1. quiescent point
  2. load point
  3. amplification point
  4. junction point


MCQ: If voltage at base of transistor is 5 V and base current is 5 µA than input resistance at base is

  1. 1 µ Ω
  2. 1 mΩ
  3. 1 MΩ
  4. 10 Ω


MCQ: Collector feedbackprovides good stability using negati Ve feedback from

  1. emitter to ground
  2. collector to base
  3. emitter to base
  4. base to ground


MCQ: Negative feedback in collector feedback bias creates an 'offsetting' effect that tends to keep Q-point

  1. unstable
  2. stable
  3. moving
  4. removed


MCQ: Base bias circuit arrangement has poor stability because its Q-point Varies with

  1. DC Β
  2. DC Α
  3. supply voltage
  4. DC Γ