Field Effect Transistors Multiple Choice Questions 1 PDF Book Download

Field effect transistors MCQs, field effect transistors quiz answers to learn electronic devices quiz 1 for engineering online courses. Learn mosfet biasing multiple choice questions (MCQs), field effect transistors quiz questions and answers. Free e-learning tutorial on mosfet biasing, metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor, jfet biasing test prep for online electronics engineering courses distance learning.

Practice field effect transistors career test with multiple choice question: for an n-channel e-mosfet with gate to source voltage equals to 2 v, gate to source voltage to conduct must exceeds, to learn engineering degrees with options 2 v, 1 v, 4 v, 6 v for electrical engineering schools online. Professional skills assessment test with online learning mosfet biasing quiz questions for engineering majors, competitive assessment tests.

MCQ on Field Effect Transistors Test 1Quiz Book Download

MCQ: For an n-channel E-MOSFET with gate to source voltage equals to 2 V, gate to source voltage to conduct must exceeds

  1. 1 V
  2. 2 V
  3. 4 V
  4. 6 V


MCQ: Because of insulated gate present in MOSFETs, these are also called

  1. JFETs
  2. IGFETs
  3. CMOS
  4. PMOS


MCQ: If n-channel JFET with voltage Divider bias has a gate voltage of 3 V and a source voltage of 5 V than gate to source voltage will be

  1. 15 V
  2. −2 V
  3. 2 V
  4. −1.5 V


MCQ: If gate to source voltage in an n-channel depletion MOSFET is made more negative, drain current

  1. will increase
  2. will decrease
  3. become zero
  4. become infinite


MCQ: For D-MOSFET which is biased at gate to source voltage equals to zero, than drain current will equals to

  1. maximum drain current
  2. minimum drain current
  3. floating current
  4. body current