Hall Effect MCQs Quiz Online PDF Download

Learn hall effect MCQs, electronic devices test for online learning courses, test prep to practice test. Semiconductor basics quiz has multiple choice questions (MCQ), hall effect quiz questions and answers, intrinsic concentration, conduction in semiconductors, n-type and p-type semiconductors, covalent bond, hall effect tutorials for online electronics engineering courses distance learning.

Electronic devices practice test MCQ: conductivity of n-type semiconductor is ratio of charge mobility and with choices current density, hall coefficient, current and hall voltage for online electrical engineering jobs' interview questions and answers with electronics engineering competitive exam tests. Free study guide is for online learning hall effect quiz with MCQs to practice test questions with answers.

MCQs on Hall Effect Quiz PDF Download

MCQ: Conductivity of n-type semiconductor is ratio of charge mobility and

  1. current density
  2. hall coefficient
  3. current
  4. hall voltage


MCQ: If metal or semiconductor carrying current is placed in a magnetic field perpendicular to current, an electric field is induced in direction perpendicular to both current and magnetic field. This phenomena is known as

  1. Chemical Effect
  2. Toxicity
  3. Halls Effect
  4. Blister


MCQ: Electric field E in Hall Effect is equals to

  1. hall voltage x semiconductor thickness
  2. hall voltage / semiconductor thickness
  3. hall voltage + semiconductor thickness
  4. hall voltage - semiconductor thickness


MCQ: Current density in Hall effect is equals to

  1. current/width of semiconductor
  2. current + width of semiconductor
  3. current - width of semiconductor
  4. current x width of semiconductor


MCQ: Hall Coefficient Rh is equals to ratio of hall voltage multiply by width to

  1. magnetic field and length
  2. electric field and length
  3. electric field and magnetic field
  4. current density